The Content

We develop the content together

After defining your needs assessment, we develop the content for you. We discuss the pedagogy that is best for your public and company culture. We make sure it respects the values of your organization. We can use games, simulations and situational exercises and we can create with you real case studies or role play that are pertinent to your industry and challenges.

The Tools

We define the appropriate tools

We define together the most appropriate way to evaluate participants depending on the objective of the training. Our trainers are certified in a full range of tools that measures cultural preference or leadership style, such as Country Navigator, DISC, Cultural Detective, The International Profiler, DPI. We have this discussion together.

The Solutions

We submit a customized solution

We are able to offer you a unique solution that has been developed just for you and your company. Our offer can go further than just facilitating or coaching, we follow-up. We can even transcript the work that has been done during the session for you to get the best of our solution.

Education - Training - Coaching

  • Working With Another Culture
    Whether your company has merged with a foreign organization or you have to negotiate a big contract with people from another country, you need to understand how they work and this training will share with you the tips (dos and don'ts, business etiquette or negotiation styles) you need in order to succeed in your project. This program will help you as well to acquire intercultural competencies and skills.
  • Expatriation
    This program is organized to facilitate the integration of expatriates and their families in their new culture by exposing insights into regional cultures using expert international consultants and personalized developmental tools. Participants will learn how to live and work in their new culture. We can also organize programs for the children.
  • Repatriation
    We sometimes don’t think that returning home can be a challenge but statistics and studies show that repatriation may be sometimes more difficult and frustrating than moving to a new country. This training helps expatriates and their family to re-adjust at the professional and personal levels.
  • Intercultural Team building
    The last decade has seen the rise of international teams made up of professionals of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. These differences may cause significant clashes in terms of decision-making process, conflict resolution or management styles. This training will help team members to understand their colleagues and develop intercultural intelligence in order to create a better synergy within the team and it will provide solutions, guidelines and techniques to help the team building process.
  • Kickoff Events
    If you are organizing seminars somewhere in the world for your whole team made of people from different cultures, this training is the opportunity to make this event more fun and help members to get to know each other better and develop intercultural intelligence. We can prepare conference style presentations or intercultural games or simulation or any sort of activities that will perfectly fit in the spirit of your kickoff program.

Tailored Training and Consulting

Individualized coaching and training programs

We don't have any standard programs since every organization and client is different and culture is not an exact science, that is why we make a point to customize the programs for you and we find the right consultant that fits your organization and needs.

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