Culture hides much more than it reveals,
and strangely what it hides, it hides most
effectively from its own participants."

Edward T Hall - American Anthropologist

About Us

We are a specialized consulting firm made up of consultants trained in Cross-cultural and Intercultural tools and techniques. Our team has in common, international experiences of living and working within another culture and are able to leverage our practical knowledge in order to relate to our clients’ experiences. We apply theory and practice in all of our training sessions and consulting approaches in order to help our customers achieve and increase global productivity within their organizations.

How We Work

Our Approach

  • We Get To Know You
  • We Develop Content for You
  • We Define the Tools with You
  • We submit a Customized solution to You

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Specialized Resources

We have an international network of certified trainers and specialist consultants based in countries around the globe.